Friday, September 22, 2017

Turkey Cheese Sandwich

My favorite sandwich would have to be a turkey cheese sandwich. It's nothing fancy but nevertheless it's always delicious. You can start out by getting two pieces of white bread and lightly toasting it. Make sure its a light brown color. Next get some mayonnaise and spread it on both pieces of bread. You can use store bought mayonnaise as well as turkey. After you evenly spread the mayonnaise cut some turkey (if bought in turkey breast form) or just layer some on one piece of bread to your liking.

For the cheese (I prefer cheddar) you can melt it in a non-stick pan or a microwave. After the cheese is melted spread it over the turkey and put the other piece of bread on top. What I like to do next is take a knife and cut the sandwich diagonally. Plate it and there you go, the perfect turkey cheese sandwich. I hope that if you do try it out you find it satisfactory.  That's all for now, adios!