Friday, September 16, 2016

My home

So I live in California surrounded by the most beautiful redwood trees. It mostly rains here but since it's in the summer it is really nice and sunny. I love to just walk outside and watch the stars at night and hear the sounds of nature. I really love it here, it is such a beautiful place and I feel lucky to live here. I'm really proud of where I live because of all the people in my community. Everyone is so nice and giving. Like at my high school there are so many amazing people that are just so nice and kind hearted. The only thing that I would change is that maybe we could get a little less pollution but other than that we good.

These are some pictures from around Fortuna where I live.


  1. Hi Jojo! I really like where you live, me too i really like watching the stars and walking outside. Your city seemed to be a good place and your pictures are amazing.

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  3. Hey jojo , your city seems to be wonderful. honestly you makes me impassion to visit that city. I also read about you, me to I like to laught and makes people around me laugh

    1. It is really pretty here, I think Tangier is beautiful too. I hope that you do get the chance to visit someday. Making people laugh is always fun, If you have any jokes I would love to hear it. If you want I can also tell you a few jokes I know.