Sunday, February 12, 2017

My favorite series!

So I do watch a few series but I would have to say the walking dead is my favorite. I know most people think it's lame but I just love it. My favorite characters are Daryl Dixon and Michonne.

I like Daryl because he just seems awesome and he doesn't let his fear get the best of him. He's one of those characters that can't die or there would be riots in the streets. He also has a awesome motorcycle so I mean who wouldn't like him. Michonne is just like a huge character in the series. She's unstoppable and there's no way there could be the walking dead without her in it. She even had pet zombies so she could camouflage herself! Nobody else ever thought of that which makes her such an idol.
I like all the other characters too but these are just my favorite. I watch every Sunday. I would have to say that season 6 is my favorite. This season was so action packed and it made me cry a few times. Something new and exciting happens every season.

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